Hiya friends. Here's a bio about little ol me:

I started playing Minecraft in late 2010 with some buddies and later purchased my own account in January of 2011. I played on a server back in the day called Super-Earth, many of you may recognize this name as it was one of the very few servers invited to the first ever Minecon in 2011 and sat atop Minestatus (voting site) for over 1 year before the Mega servers came along. Since then I have continued playing here and there. I helped kick off the original Imperial Realms in 2014 as a staff member and first donor to the server. I am currently the Head Admin of Development of current Imperial Realms and I'm very excited to continue to bring new and exciting features to the server (and fix the bugs that I break). Outside of Minecraft, I am a recent Master's student graduate in Mechanical Engineering and have a full time job as a Sr. Mechanical Engineer. I have two Australian Shepherd puppies who keep me extremely busy and on my toes. I enjoy playing baseball, softball, volleyball, skiing, camping with my girlfriend and pretty much anything else that makes a Coloradan a Coloradan.

See you in game!
October 11


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