Getting Started!

Welcome to Imperial Realms!

  • First thing you want to do when you are ready to explore the wild is /rtp. Optionally there is a portal you can jump through at Spawn.
  • Make sure to /sethome right away when you find that perfect spot to build.
  • Claim your area to keep it safe from griefing.
  • Sleeping in your bed will allow you to skip night time. Phantoms are enabled, and plentiful.
  • Next important command is /jobs. This allows you to make money doing what you enjoy.
  • As you make money you will want to rank up using /ranks to see the cost and perks you will obtain with each level. Doing /rankup will automatically rank you up without opening the menu.

Additional helpful commands:

  • /ah
  • /buy
  • /discord
  • /claims
  • /enchants
  • /help
  • /shop
  • /vote
  • /warps
  • /wiki


If you do not have a golden shovel, you can do /kit claim. Right click opposite corners of your area. It will be protected all the way up to max height and down to bedrock. You can click the ground with a stick to see the border light up. If you want to expand a corner, right click it with the shovel to select it, then right click the new spot you want the corner to be.

Once you reach the Noble rank you will have access to claim flags.
Use the command /setflag (flag) while standing inside your claim. Additionally you can remove a flag by using /unsetflag (flag)

Available Flags:

  • AllowPVP
  • EnterMessage
  • ExitMessage
  • NoEnter
  • NoFlight
  • NoItemDrop
  • NoItemPickup
  • NoLeafDecay
  • NoMobSpawnsType
  • NoMonsterSpawns
  • NoOpenDoors
  • NoPlayerDamageByMonster
  • NoSnowForm
  • PlayerTime
  • PlayerWeather
  • listflags
  • noenterplayer
  • nomobdamage
  • nomobspawnstype
  • nopetdamage
  • noplayerdamage


See full list of recipes at Gamepedia

Typing /recipes in game opens a menu for you in game. There is also a donor perm /workbench or /craft that open a crafting menu.


Click on image to enlarge or download.



Coming soon...

Using /enchants in game shows you all the available Custom Enchants.


Click on image to view larger size or download.

Novice villagers who have not traded can lose their profession and change back into unemployed villagers. For example, if their claimed job site block is removed and no unclaimed job site block is available. Removing and then replacing a job site block can alter the trades offered, and a villager with no experience will reset its trades every so often. Once a player trades with a villager, the villager keeps its profession forever, locking its offered trades.

The price of an item rises and falls with demand. An item that was traded gets a price increase when resupplied. If a player does not trade for a higher-priced item, the price is reduced the next time villager resupplies. Demand is tracked per item, not per villager, so a villager can offer a higher-priced trade for a single item while other items are cheaper.

 The Hero of the Village effect reduces trade prices, except for trades that cost one emerald.

Villagers who were previously zombie villagers that were cured by a player also reduce their prices for trades. To cure a zombie villager, you must splash it with a splash potion of weakness and then feed it a golden apple. This will often drop prices to the lowest possible amount wanted.

See the official Minecraft Wiki for more information on Trading
For the mechanic used with piglins, see Bartering.

Building a Chest Shop

Coming Soon...

Using /shop in game opens a helpful menu.