OFFICIAL Get $100k and Automatic Graves!!

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Do you want $100k of in-game money and Automatic Gravestones placed when you die?? Who doesn't!!

Join the Imperial Realms Graylist! Follow the steps below to get Graylisted to help the server, and yourself!

1. Click Here to go to the Minecraft Forums post for Imperial Realms!

2. Make an account if you do not already have one.

3. Click the 1613492242814.png button to create a new reply to the forums thread.

4. Copy and paste this template into your reply and fill it out!
Minecraft In-Game Name:
Discord Username (optional):
What is your favorite aspect of Imperial Realms?
How did you find out about our server?

5. Wait for an admin to review your application and get you your perms! Please only ping an Admin for this if your post has been unseen for more than 1 day (we're busy busy!)

6. Get your goodies! Welcome aboard :)

Not open for further replies.