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Welcome to the Imperial Realms Forums!!

We are extremely excited to bring you a whole new platform for discussion, trade, information, tutorials, and much more! With this platform comes countless new opportunities for sharing your builds, advertising your towns and catching up with the latest server info. That being said, with great power comes great responsibility! Please take some time to thoroughly read the forum rules below. Any members found to break these rules may have their forum privileges reduced or revoked and depending on the rule broken, may experience in-game punishment as well. By choosing to use these forums, you agree to follow these rules and regulations. Remember, we are all here for fun! Let's keep our community safe, exciting, and ever-growing!

Remember to check back often as rules may be modified, removed, or added at any time with or without notice.
Regardless, you are held accountable for rules listed here.

Forum Rules

1. Spamming is prohibited
Spamming is considered the action of flooding the forums or users with unwanted content or notifications. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Bumping the same thread multiple times without other users participating​
  • Reviving old, inactive threads. If a thread has been inactive for more than 1-month, seek approval from a moderator before posting​
  • Posting many threads with the same content, or without any substantial content​
  • Intentionally posting a thread to the incorrect section​

2. No bullying, harassments, slurs or swears directed at a player will be tolerated
Harassment is considered the action seeking to harm, intimidate, or coerce a player into a specific action. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Threatening members in-game, on the forums, or in real life​
  • Use any form of racial, ethnic, gender, or any other derogatory slurs (whether directed at a player or not)​
  • Swearing is acceptable provided that it is not used in excess and is not directed at a player (please consider using characters to block out phrases if people will get the gist, i.e. @$$)​
  • Disrespecting players or staff members repeatedly​
  • Public shaming of players or forum members. This includes posting a player report publicly, linking media that may shine a player in a negative light (including in personal account details or signatures). Player reports should be conducted through Discord.​

3. Media Advertising is restricted
Social media advertising is making threads or posts that server no other purpose besides attempting to get members to view your social media platform. This can include all forms of social media (Youtube, Twitter, Discord, etc.). The following list demonstrates where media advertising is permitted:
  • Your Account Details and Profile​
  • Your forum signature​
  • Your introduction post in the Introductions forum​
  • Posting of YouTube/Twitch videos in a thread as long as the thread isn't intended as a tool to advertise your video (i.e. an event recap or a town advertising video)​
  • Posting of Discord server invites in the Off-Topic or Gaming forums (as long as they are not advertising another Minecraft server)​
  • Posting of Town/Nation Discord server invites in the Towns and Nations forums​

4. Avatar, Signature, Username, and Title Guidelines
We recommend that users customize their avatars such that other players are able to recognize who they are; however, avatar selection must not include:
  • Impersonation of another player (i.e. setting your avatar as CecilyFox's current avatar)​
  • Discriminatory or inappropriate imagery(remember, kids will see our platform)​
  • Any reference to adult or inappropriate activity (including: smoking, sexual references/activities, drug use, etc.)​
  • Advertising in any way​
  • References to self-harm or any other negative personal experiences​
We recommend that users customize their signatures to their liking to include any relevant or desired information about themselves, or their interests; however, signature selection must not include:
  • Impersonation of another player or staff (i.e. putting "CecilyFox" in big letters or "Owner", "Admin", etc.)​
  • Any animated or video imagery must not be overly flashy (flashing video/animation can be harmful for other users)​
  • Full length videos must be contained within a Spoiler, such as this one​
  • Any linked content must adhere to the network rules (i.e. no linking of inappropriate content)​
  • Any linked content must not contain any harmful content, including: IP grabbers, viruses, or any sort of phishing​
  • Any social media advertisement must adhere to Rule #3​
We recommend that users use the same forum name as their Minecraft In-Game Name; however, if you are unable or unwilling to use that name, your username selection must not include:
  • Any racist or derogatory terms/slurs​
  • Any sexual or inappropriate terms (including smoking and drug references)​
  • Impersonation of another player (i.e. setting your name as _8FA_ )​
When you donate to the server, you get access to change the title that displays below your username (instead of a pre-set one). Breaking the following rules may result in your custom title privileges being revoked. Your title selection must not include:
  • Any impersonation of staff members (i.e. do not set your custom title to "moderator")​
  • Discriminatory or inappropriate terminology​
  • Any reference to adult or inappropriate activity (including: smoking, sexual references/activities, drug use, etc.)​
  • Advertising in any way​
  • References to self-harm or any other negative personal experiences​

5. General Rules
The following list encompasses some of the rules that don't necessarily fit into another bucket. Please read these carefully.
  • All posts must fit within the category being posted. Any posts in an incorrect location will be moved and/or removed at moderators discretion​
  • Individual categories may have category specific rule sets. Those rule sets are in addition to these rules, not in substitution​
  • Religious and political discussion is prohibited. Everybody is entitled to their views, this is not the place to discuss these​
  • Leaving/Goodbye threads are prohibited. If you would like to let your friends know that you will be leaving or taking a break, do so in a direct message or post on your forum profile wall​
  • Absolutely no member fishing or advertising of other Minecraft servers​
  • Do not PM/DM an Admin or Owner with questions. Use the ticketing system on Discord, this is the fastest and easiest way to get ahold of the Admin team​

These rules are designed to protect our community without hindering the experience of our players. If you feel that a rule is unfair or unjust in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Admin team via ticket on Discord.

Happy Crafting (and Forum-ing)!
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