OFFICIAL February Event Calendar!

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Welcome to the Imperial Realms February Event Calendar!!

We here on the IR event team are constantly working to bring you exciting, unique, challenging events on monthly basis to keep our server environment fresh. Every month we will be releasing a new event calendar to help you (and us) keep track of what all is going down each month. Check back at the beginning of each month to get the low-down!

Cupid Spawn and Scavenger Hunt
  • This month you will arrive at a magical land of carnival rides and deep fried Twinkies
  • There are signs hidden all around spawn, click them for a prize ...some may require quite a bit of parkour...
  • Type /event to see your progress, there are many more to find
  • We currently have a Carousel, Tea-Cups and a Ferris Wheel for your enjoyment, simply right click the ride to join in on the fun!

Art Contest - Black History Month
<3 February is Black History Month <3
Black History Month gives everyone the opportunity to share, celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture!
  • Black History Art contest begins Feb 1st
  • Entries must be received by Midnight on the 13th
  • Collect your token to vote at spawn Sunday 14th to Tuesday 16th
  • Winners will be announced Wednesday Feb 17th
  1. 1st Prize: 100k, 10 Cupid Keys!
  2. 2nd Prize: 50k, 5 Cupid Keys!
  3. 3rd Prize: 10k, 2 Cupid Keys!

PvP Event - Cactus King!
Imagine being surrounded by Cactus, PvP Enabled, and Zero Armor!
...Yep, it's gonna get real...
  • Fight to the spikey death in our amazing Cactus Arena built by LawOfDeath!
  • Last one standing wins the Limited Edition [Cactus King] Tag!
  • All participants will receive a "Poker" (Knockback X Stick) to smack their friends with and a [Poker] Tag!

Mob Arena - Introduction of CoreArena!
We are excited to launch our new CoreArena
  • Fight of Mobs with your explosive arrows and watch the buildings around you crumble!
  • Arena opening will be announced in Discord and here on the forums.
  • Be ready to defend yourself against your friends, PvP is of-course enabled!
  • Check out a preview of it in action Here!

Stay in-tune with this forum as we will be posting recaps of each event and announce our winners here and on Discord!
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