Valentine's Build Battle!
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Ready to battle it out for the best builder on the server?? The VALENTINES BUILD BATTLE comes to life tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow (2/14) we will open up a build world for players to display their creativity and battle it out for the temporary title of Build Champion! The event will reach completion at the end of February. Voting will commence on 3/1.

How does the event work?

✰ Register for the event on this forum

✰ Registered players receive a 32x32 plot in our build world with full creative perks!
✰ Plots are fully protected with World Guard, so no griefing is possible!
✰ After the build battle timer has ran out, plot permissions will be removed and judging will begin

✰ The server will vote on the their...
OFFICIAL February Event Calendar!
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Welcome to the Imperial Realms February Event Calendar!!

We here on the IR event team are constantly working to bring you exciting, unique, challenging events on monthly basis to keep our server environment fresh. Every month we will be releasing a new event calendar to help you (and us) keep track of what all is going down each month. Check back at the beginning of each month to get the low-down!

Cupid Spawn and Scavenger Hunt
  • This month you will arrive at a magical land of carnival rides and deep fried Twinkies
  • There are signs hidden all around spawn...

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